Structural plans for our timber frame homes

LThe PDF-plans have been designed for those who wish to receive a written estimate for a timber framed house kit.

For an estimate TIRO only needs to know the layout of the ground floor and whether it is a 1 or 1½ floored house. If options are being ordered, please state these as well.

The following procedure should be followed:
1 Select the size and type of timber framed house.
2 Print your plan.
3 Mark the positioning of doors, windows and interior walls. Write out adequate measurements in centimetres for these features and their spacing. Each square on the PDF-plan represents 60 cm.
4 Send the plan to TIRO by post together with your full postal address and telephone number.
Download PDF plan.
8.40 x 8.40
8.40 x 9.60
8.40 x 10.80
8.40 x 12.00
8.40 x 13.20
8.40 x 14.40
8.40 x 15.60
8.40 x 16.80
8.40 x 18.00
8.40 x 19.20
8.40 x 20.40
8.40 x 21.60
8.40 x 22.80
8.40 x 24.00


Customers are invited to visit our building sites in progress.