Find here general information regarding our wood frame kit homes

  • 1 m = 3.2808 feet
  • 1 cm = 0.394 inch
  • 1 mm = 0.0394 inch
  • 1 inch = 25.4 mm
  • 1 foot = 0.3048 m
  • 1 kg = 2.205 pounds
  • 1 pound = 0.4536 kg

TIRO, situated in Normandy, France and founded in 1993, works with companies in Swedish Lapland. Lapland provides tight grown quality wood as well as reliable and competent suppliers. The manager/proprietor of TIRO, Mr Lars Mellblom, is Swedish.

Delivery in most of continental Europe and to the British Isles. Transport of the kit by one lorry is included in the price (normal case). If a second lorry is needed, its cost will be added to the kit price.

When looking at today’s market for timber framed houses, it appears the choice is between low quality and the very elaborate. There are few houses on offer of an uncomplicated architectural design, combined with best materials and technique. In order to distinguish ourselves, our idea is to propose a timber framed house in a kit, with a modest design, but at the same time of highest technical standards and at a reasonable price.

Scandinavian carpenters state that a complex architecture, particularly concerning the roof, considerably increases the risk of problems. Therefore, all our homes are rectangular with a duo pitch roof and thus easy to self-build.

The kit could be described as a mixture of loose timber, pre-cut timber, prefabricated units and Nordic timber house know-how. We will deliver the kit with technical assistance only, included in the basic price. The kit is mainly designed for self-builders. In the case of assembly by a local builder, the kit will be invoiced by TIRO, but the assembling will be negotiated by the customer with the contractor. We only make estimates for our own kits.

There is no standard layout for our kit houses, other than the rectangular configuration, the width and the gable profile. It is left to the buyers to decide where they want rooms, windows and doors, and it is also left them to draw up their own layout plans.

The building technique is the Nordic timber frame method. This is a long tried and tested system free from unwanted surprises. In the same spirit we have adopted the Scandinavian expertise concerning the eaves, the ventilation of the roof, the thermal insulation, etc. The double exterior walls facilitate the implementation of airtightness and reduce thermal bridging.

For the unloading of the lorry (half a day), the client must provide a telescopic forklift capable of lifting 3.5 tonnes (7 700 pounds) to a 3m (10’) height and 3 m (10’) in front of it. An experienced driver is required.

On the building site, the customer must carefully protect the materials from water and sun during storage. Storage must be on a flat and levelled surface.

When the kit arrives, the foundations must have been completed. The area surrounding the foundations, the access and parking areas must be flat and gravelled. The TIRO representative will refuse absolutely to work in mud.

When building with technical assistance, the client is asked to provide for the duration of the works (about two weeks), the presence of three physically fit people to carry out the assembly of the kit. The customer assumes the cost and the responsibility for these persons. This period is guided by a TIRO representative (included in the price of the kit). Lodging of the TIRO representative is also included in the price of the kit, as is his work.

In order to ensure good progress on the site, the client must ensure that proper tools are available.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to check if the kit complies with the local building code and requirements. Unless otherwise informed, TIRO will deliver the kit with standard components.

Customers are invited to visit our building sites in progress.