Anti-rodent barrier

Attic floor

Badly protected timber – Exemples of badly protected wood

Barge board and facia board

Bitumen sealing strips and bitumen primer

Bitumen sealing strips and bitumen primer

Bitumen roof felt

Bottom chord (30° roof truss)

Bottom chord (45° roof truss)

Cross bridging

Damp-proof course

Double top plate

External wall studs

External cladding

External wall bottom plate

Floor joist framing

Gable points for 45° roof

Gravelled yard

Ground sill. Impregnated class 3


Hardboard panels for roof ventilation

Hardware and fasteners

Hunton Vindtett

Intermediary ceiling joist

Intermediary ceiling joist

Interior frame walls


Metal connectors

Mobile crane

Nailing battens


OSB wind bracing

Paint Falu Red

Pine floor board

Tiro timber framed house

Planed panelling (spruce)

Planed panelling (spruce)

Planed panelling (pine)

Positioning of window

Rafters (45° roof trusses)

Rafters (30° roof trusses)

Roof trusses

Roof truss 30°

Roof truss 45°



Selfbuilders’ hands

Semi-rigid Rockwool panels

Space for reinforced insulation

Stress graded timber


Studs for reinforced insulation

Telescopic forklift



Vapour barrier

Ventilation grill for attic

Window and door trimmings

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