Find here below illustrations for the different stages of building a TIRO timber frame home.


1) Double-bevel slide compound mitre saw with a 305 mm circular saw blade and bench. The saw should be able to cut 60° mitre and 45° bevel right and left. The saw blade should have at least 60 teeth.

It is wiser to buy a new or second-hand high quality mitre saw and sell it after the completion of the house, than buying a low quality one.

Examples of good mitre saws:

DeWALT 718 XPS, Elu PS374QS, DeWALT 708, DeWALT 718; Bench: DE 7023.

Bosch GCM 12 SD or earlier versions second-hand. Bench: GTA 3800.

2) Circular saw.

3) Cordless electric screwdriver (battery 2.5Ah minimum).

4) Hand held electric drill. Two machines.

5) Small angel grinder

6) Manual or electric plane.

7) Extension cable.

8) Rip saw (sharp).

9) Metal hand saw.

10) Claw hammers (American type).

11) Nail punch.

12) Nail puller.

13) Crowbar.

14) Wood chisel.

15) Knife.

16) Cutter.

17) Tool belt.

18) Measuring tapes: 5m,10m and 20 to 30 m.

19) Rope.

20) Chalk line.

21) Angle square.

22) Roller stand.

23) Clamps.

24) Spirit levels (1 long and 1 short).

25) Flexible tube water level.

26) Mastic gun.

27) Ladders.

28) Step ladder (6 steps).

29) Protection glasses.

30) Hearing protector.

31) Tarpaulins.

32) Broom.

Customers are invited to visit our building sites in progress.